Lie detection tests are widely used nowadays, more so by private investigators, to crack the mysteries of the truth. There are several clients ready to pay handsome fees to get their cases solved using a polygraph. Not all polygraph test results are admissible in court rooms but efforts of private investigators make it possible that these results are taken into consideration by the court.

While there’s still some level of disagreement about the admissibility of polygraphs in court rooms, with the increase in the number of professional private investigators, it is starting to have its day in court. If both parties agree upon using polygraph results as evidence, lie detector tests are accepted by courts.


Invading The Criminal World

Criminal justice system in late twentieth century was in favor of polygraph test results. But in the twenty first century, the test results are only admissible with stipulation of both parties. Apart from conducting polygraph tests on their own men to verify the truth, the US and UK military are known to conduct such tests on their war prisoners as well. During private missions these military forces employ polygraph tests on their opponents to dig out the secrets.

Government agencies, especially police force, are known to make use of polygraph tests on not only criminal suspects but on their applicants at job interviews. Because of the use of polygraph test, these police interviews are considered one of the toughest and most intimidating interviews of all. In addition, the police force has sought relief in solving many criminal cases with the aid of polygraph test results.

As a result of this, lie detector tests have become a helping hand for private investigators and detectives. Though the most courts are yet to totally rely on polygraph test results in general, many cases are solved with the help of these polygraph tests.

Intelligence services also rely upon polygraph tests to a certain extent. The test results are usually included at times of job recruitment. Also, criminal cases, especially those related to sexual offenses are sorted out with the help of a polygraph. With increasing success rates of polygraph tests in solving sex offender cases, UK jurisdiction has now given green signal to polygraph test results for such cases.

Credibility Of Polygraph Results

Private investigators throughout the world are in favor of lie detector test. The US and UK have their own academy and associations for learning and excelling in the field of polygraph testing. These investigators, called the psycho-physiologists, are proficiently trained and are excellently professional at using polygraphs.

Private organizations are quite fond of polygraph tests while hiring a new employee to get the qualification verified or to run a background check. Staff members are routinely screened on polygraph to check their present intentions and dedication. Private investigators are called upon to carry out the task.

In conclusion, in the world of private investigation, polygraph test plays quite an important role. Since courts are allowing results where both parties agree upon consideration of polygraph test results, private investigators are determined to give satisfactory service to their clients.