In the UK, it is legal to utilize the polygraph test to ensure that individuals are not lying. You must give consent to have a lie detector test conducted and it must be in a sound state of mind. The results of a polygraph test cannot be used as viable evidence for or against you in court, if the matter requires it. Our private investigator is often an immensely useful individual to have in the event you need to undergo polygraph testing.


Background And Character Checks

Law enforcement agencies often have their employees and potential employees undergo polygraph testing to conduct background and character checks. Often the employees willingly participate in the lie detector test in deference, where they grant the power to their employers to conduct the polygraph test. Solicitors often make sure that all aspects of the polygraph laws are followed. They themselves often have to undergo lie detector tests in order to maintain the position they are currently holding.


Lie Detector Exams

Lie detector test have become so common that government agencies use them readily. The police keep an eye on the activities of sex offenders and other such individuals using lie detector exams. There does come the issue of consent and how the only option for these criminals is to take the test regardless of how they feel about it. These are extreme cases where there might be discrepancies between consent given and consent taken.


UK Border Agency (UKBA)

The UK border agency (UKBA) employs many individuals to help secure the outlying areas of our country. The individuals who are employed have to go through rigorous background check and this includes a polygraph test. During the course of their employment they have to undergo various polygraph tests are multiple stages of the job. This is to ensure that these people are trustworthy and are able to their full extent protect the borders of the UK.

Private or public detectives and investigators themselves have to undergo lie detector testing periodically. This measure is take to ensure that these individuals are still capable of conducting the work their occupation requires. Many public agencies hire other private agencies to aid in the conduction of polygraph exams as a quality control measure.

Many military and government agencies including the police, MI6, Interpol, CIA among others employ the services of the polygraph test on their employees. They conduct these tests to ensure the quality and trustworthiness of an employee as well as their ability to hand high access security information. If the employ fails the polygraph, measures are taken to ensure their exit from employment. Polygraph tests do not always result in one’s favour but they are a tool that is useful as any other tactic to ensure the dependability of a professional.