We already know a lot about the polygraph or lie detector. It is crucial nowadays, as a lack of evidence in your case could cost you a lot. If a polygraph is used, you can save both money and time. The polygraph results may be admissible in courts, depending on the context. In the criminal justice system, polygraph test results are not admissible as evidence, but in the cases of sex offenders, polygraph tests are practiced. This is regulated by the polygraph rules of 2009. Under this regulation, the Secretary of State can require some certain offenders to undergo polygraph testing in order to improve the offender management. There were numerous cases across UK where the use of a

lie detector was not approved by the court.


Polygraph Tests In United Kingdom

Polygraph tests are 100% legal in United Kingdom. A lot of companies use this to find out about the honesty of their workers, but the sensible thing was to use this polygraph test as part of the sex offenders’ parole condition. It will tell us whether they are ready to enter the society or not.

The use of lie detectors is increasing in other fields. For instance, there are firms where newlywed couples test each other for honesty. Also, they want to clear the doubts before and after tying the knot. It is also used to determine whether the partner has cheated on the other. In some cases, the clientele go under this test to remove any doubt about their faithfulness.

Many business and marketing based organizations end up with incompetent employees, and in order to avoid that, the companies offer polygraph or lie detector test services with a special discount. This is done to increase the rate of the customers, and this method seems to be working.

The private citizens of UK are concerned about this situation, as they find it hard to adapt to. They expressed their thoughts aloud; the government should legitimate and control the use of polygraphs by companies, agencies, and private citizens. In the near future, the time may come when a mother will go under a lie detector test to prove her love for her children.

However, there are some rules of using a polygraph:

  1. The client, before undergoing this test, must express his/her willingness.
  2. The use of force is not allowed.
  3. The test should be handled by a professional who was trained for this purpose only and has a professional degree and license.

Our private investigators and the intelligence service have been role models for lie detector testing in the United Kingdom. A large number of tests are performed annually by the local authorities for various purposes. The level of experience is increasing in our country in this field day by day. These tests have become so easy that it can be conducted at home, office or even at a restaurant.


Polygraph Test Results

The results of the polygraph test are authentic if conducted by an expert. Also, the criminals confess about their crimes before and after going through the lie detector test. That is why the government, law enforcement, local authorities, intelligence services, and criminal justice systems can use it.

Unfortunately, in the United Kingdom, due to the concerns over its reliability, the screening of the polygraph are not used in criminal courts. The use of this test will require aid from the legislation.