Polygraph tests (lie detector tests) are taken by most people who choose to work with law enforcement agencies, and also by those who presently work with law enforcement agencies but who wish to get a higher clearance level or a promotion. Apart from law enforcement agencies, some Para-military agencies also set polygraph tests as one of the compulsory tests that must be taken by people who wish to work with them.

It is very important to know some things about a person who wants to work as a law enforcement agent; law enforcement agents shouldn’t be law breakers and neither should they be mentally and physically unfit to do the job that is required of a law enforcement agent. Aspiring agents who may have even passed other tests may be disqualified if they cannot pass the polygraph test, so the polygraph test is just as important as the interview the person sits.



Why does the police force require that all its new and existing comrades take polygraph tests? We know just a few of the reasons, and of the few we know, one that stood out was the fact that the polygraph tests help to know each of the police officers individually. Does he live on drugs? Has he taken drugs in the past? Does he have any addictions? All these questions are some of the most asked questions during a polygraph test.


Private Security

A type of private agency that is known worldwide is the private investigation agencies, a private investigation agency requires that all its employees be able to keep intelligence, not being able to keep secrets can lead to bigger problems. If a private investigator talks carelessly, or isn’t able to keep vital secrets, he may destroy homes, friendships, relationships and trust; that’s why taking a polygraph test is a requirement. A private investigator that wants to get licensed by the British government must clearly pass a polygraph test in other to be considered for a license.



The air force, army and the navy require that applicants take a polygraph test during the recruitment process. The polygraph test has disqualified many from joining the armed forces and other Para-military agencies. In some cases, a person who is vying for promotion may also be asked to take a polygraph test and unless he passes the test, he may not be promoted. But why is it so hard to pass a polygraph test? Is it really hard? Join me as we discourse a vital question.


Why Do Many Fail The Polygraph Test?

Many have failed polygraph tests as a result of being ill-informed. They have read negative information about polygraph tests and they allow that to shape their view of the test, and some other people fail as a result of being unprepared for the test. But how can we pass a polygraph test?


How To Pass A Polygraph Test

Polygraph tests for law enforcement agencies are quite tougher than polygraph tests that are for civilians, but the secret to passing each of the tests is being relaxed, eating well, sleeping well and seeing polygraph tests as conversations and not interrogations.