During a polygraph test the examiner is one of the important individuals in addition to you. Our private investigators are immensely helpful to have on your side during this process. They can provide you with the services necessary to go through a lie detector test. They can also give you tips on how to communicate with the examiners and how to keep calm.


Lie Detector Test Questions

There are specific questions that you will be asked, the examiner will tell you these questions before starting the exam. It is best to focus on the questions that will be asked. There should be no surprise questions, as this can cause your body to have an adverse reaction leading to the failure of the test.


Lie Detector Test Duration

The ideal duration of the lie detector test is two to three hours, this time could increase or decrease upon the reason for the polygraph test. Some drugs, legal or illegal, can cause issues during a polygraph exam. Drugs such as Xanax should not be taken seven days prior to your polygraph test for it can cause spastic readings on the polygraph giving the illusion that you are lying.


Lie Detector Test Language

In most cases the polygraph test can be given in any language, our private investigators are the ideal persons to help locate such an examiner or polygraph firm. There will be written consent from you, which is a statement highlighting that you are taking this exam willingly and that the test will be conducted by such company or professional. This is an important document because it highlights your rights as an individual and your actions regarding the polygraph test.


How To Pass A Police Lie Detector Test

Some tips to pass a police lie detector test include remain calm, keep your focus on the questions being asked, listen carefully to the questions and answer the question as it was asked, and be sure to sit still at all times. This ensures the best results on the polygraph and when the time comes for the examiner to create a written report on their findings they will talk all these factors into account.


Types Of Questions

There are different types of questions the examiner will ask you. Some questions will be general yes or no questions about yourself and what you do to make you feel at ease. The next group of questions will be specific questions relating to the reason why you are taking the exam. These questions may be repeated to assure the quality of the results.

The expectations you can have from a lie detector test are that it is an uncomfortable ordeal regardless of your innocence. The questioning process can seem tedious and repetitive. There might be observers while your test is in progress. These people could include our private investigator, a representative of the person accusing you, and a police officer if the reason is of criminal intent. The key to a successful polygraph test is to always remain calm and focused.