There are various reasons why people opt for a polygraph test. However, while there might be tangible reasons to conduct the test on an individual, many people tend to get more intimidated with the mere realization that they have to go through the process. Lie detector tests involve questioning and can lead to even the innocent failing for lack of confidence. Although some people believe that it is easier to trick a lie detector test, the good news is that with our advanced investigative skills, it can be hard to come out clean if indeed you bore a hand in the wrong. We therefore advice that you remain honest throughout the test as it is only truth that can set you free.

Considering that we have been doing criminal investigations for quite a period of time, we understand the fact that as an experienced private investigator one should be in position to know all the tricks involved in a lie detector test. Yes, we know the tricks and that is why we ensure that all the loopholes are sealed before embarking on our test.


Rehearse Beforehand

Polygraph machines come with a number of pros and cons, thus eliminating chances of individual trying to be clever in tricking the procedure. It is also good to understand that many employers tend to rely very much on these tests to scrutinize through their potential employees’ past records before hire. So if the outcome from this test is what separates you from your career or freedom, then you will need to take a lot of care. Carry out extensive research on the same just to be fully equipped with ideas about the entire process. Truly speaking, polygraph testing isn’t a brainchild of scientists, but interrogators and so it is subject to wrong results. However, with our great understanding of the same, you can trust our investigators to provide you with reliable and flawless results.


Knowing What Your Examiner Is Up To

In any case, a polygraph test is meant for squeezing truth out of a person concerning particular misdeed. It could be used to ascertain your involvement in espionage, drugs or cheating on your spouse. To be on the safe side, ensure to carry out an extensive research on the policies of the detective agency to establish what you should and should not accept.


Change In Breathing Rate

A polygraph test relies entirely on a biologic reaction and so a professional examiner will be more concerned with your physiological responses to the questions being asked. So, can you pass a lie detector test by lying? Not at all if we are in charge! A polygraph works in such a way that it measures various parameters including your pulse, galvanic skin responses, respiration as well as blood pressure. Many people are led to believe that changing their breathing rates could help them avoid detection when telling lies during the test. Well, unless you are dealing with an amateur, but with a renowned private detective firm like ours, those who attempt to deceive the test have very small chances.