If you are looking for a company that offers the most reliable lie detector services, then you can trust us. We have experienced staffs of examiners who are most willing to go an extra mile to ensure that you get the services regardless of where you are. Yes, you may be asking yourself “where can I get a lie detector test done for free?” A good question – call us now to set a date for a free consultation with a private investigator of your choice.


Test Location

Considering the many years we have been in the industry, we have been able to effectively serve people regardless of distance and their location. It doesn’t matter where – near or far – we will make efforts to be at your convenient location for the test. In order to achieve this, we have established offices across the UK. Since our clientele is diversified, we know what it means to satisfy each and everyone. You will definitely like the manner in which our experts handle the polygraph lie detection process.


Case Gravity

It doesn’t really matter the gravity of the case – whether it involves as small enterprise or a commercial property – let us know and we shall be of help to you. In some cases, you may wonder how to trick a lie detector, yes, it can sometimes be challenging but since you will be dealing with an agency that understands all the tricks involving polygraph machines, you do not have to worry much. Make a date with us and we shall assign a professional private detective to see you through the ordeal.


Short Notice

Depending on your area of residence, we give a short notice for you to prepare for a polygraph exam wherever you feel convenient in the UK. If you want us to make appointments with you, we are always ready for that. You may be residing in a remote area that you feel cannot be easily accessed, well, the many years we have been in operation have taught as a lot. We will make sure we agree on a venue that will be convenient for both of us – even if it means in your own home, we have the means and so getting there should not be an issue.


Are Lie Detectors Accurate?

Yes, they are. There is nothing good like dealing with a private investigator you can trust. We have the skills and expertise to ensure that we give you accurate results. In this case, if you solely depend on the polygraph test results in order for you to get employed, rest assured that we can make your dream come true regardless of whether you have once been implicated in a criminal malpractice or not.