Who do you think uses polygraph the most? If your answer involves state officials, then you got it right! State officials are the ones that use the polygraph, as a way to confirm whether somebody is telling the truth or not. Experts claim that the polygraph test provides results which are 98% accurate. However, the polygraph results are not admissible to court, as the court can’t resign to those 2% that are missing. The court must convict only those people who are considered to be guilty beyond any reasonable doubt. Even though the court doesn’t accept the polygraph results, they can be a very strong indicator and help build a better case.


Uses Of Polygraphs

The polygraphs are used in a variety of cases. Most often they are used by the state to determine whether somebody is guilty or not. They are also used by the border agency, solicitors or other people enforcing the law. The polygraphs have also become one of the favourite methods of the military.

Maybe one of the places where the polygraph is used the most is the police department. Besides being used on suspects, the polygraph is often used on police officers who want to join the forces. Certain police departments have even made the polygraph test obligatory for those who want to get a job in the police.


Who Carried Out The Test?

The test is always carried out by trained professionals who know how to conduct the testing and read the results. Today the polygraph has broadened its scope and it is not unusual for people to ask somebody to be tested. The polygraphs have turned into an efficient tool for discovering infidelity or for making a good TV show. As a result there are many companies or private investigators who offer their services for a certain price. Since their number is constantly growing we will give ourselves the liberty to conclude that the demand for polygraph testing is in rise. It seems that people started asking for machines to confirm whether somebody is being honest, rather than to choose to trust them instead.


Private Companies Using Polygraph Test

Very often private companies decide to put their employees on a polygraph test. In some cases the polygraph is conducted on people who should join the company, just to verify they are being honest about their references and their history. In other cases the polygraph is conducted when things go missing and nobody seems to know where they went. It is better to test the employees and find the rat, rather than to become hostile towards everyone. In addition the polygraph can be very useful when you decide to hire somebody to work in your house, especially if this person needs to take care of your children. You don’t want to leave a complete stranger who might turn out to be a serial killer or sex offender being close to your loved ones.

To wrap things up polygraphs can be used by anyone who has any suspicions and is willing to find out the truth. But remember, sometimes ignorance is a bliss!